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my philosophy

Isn’t it time to think about weddings a little differently?


I believe that weddings shouldn’t be stressful, and I believe that there shouldn’t be any rules. In 2015, my husband Jamie and I got married. We said "I do" at the end of our reception, on the dance floor under the stars. I wanted the day to build up to that moment instead. Our officiant read an excerpt from The Most Astounding Fact by Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson and we had breakfast for dinner. Why? Because that was a reflection of who we are. That, and because I really like waffles. 

What is my dream location to shoot, if I could go anywhere? Shooting a wedding at Burning Man has always resonated with my hippy soul but truly I just want any day that is incredibly unique and passionate. 

I want to wade barefoot out to a sandbar in Tofino where vows are exchanged surrounded by ocean as the tide closes in around us and I want to hike to some peak with a wedding dress in my backpack and shoot a ceremony as sunrise climbs over the horizon. I’d also really like to shoot a Vegas elopement with an Elvis officiant. Any takers?