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Engagement Sessions


engagement sessions

I am so excited to work with you on your engagement session! This will be a great opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of my camera prior to your wedding and for me to learn how you interact as a couple! I'll be encouraging you to get as close and cuddly as possible and to do your best to interact and flirt with each other as opposed to smiling directly at the camera. 


What To Wear
When in doubt, please bring multiple options and I can help you decide what will work best when you arrive!

Dress for the location! Try and pick outfits that suit the backdrop. For example, heels might look great in a lounge but they'll be out of place (and unfomfortable) in an open field.
For most outdoor sessions, something casual and and boho makes the most sense. 

Consider getting your make up done! It's a great day to do your wedding trial, but keep your hair natural and down. We want to create movement wherever we can - this goes for dresses too. Fabric that can flow and move is ideal! 


Compliment each other but don't be matching.
Try and stick to neutral and muted colours. 

Keep it relaxed - so you look relaxed!
You still want to look like you belong in that field, and as awesome as a crisp dress shirt can look for a date, layering a slouchy cardigan over it can help make the outdoor setting more believable. 

neutrals - beige, brown, denim, navy, mustard, maroon, army green, grey
for him - boots or blundstones
for him - neural t-shirt with a denim jacket

neons or bright primary colours - red, royal blue, sunshine yellow, grass green or bubblegum pink
anything with logos or writing
running shoes or sneakers